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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Metallica DONE

Heyyaaww Citizen of bloggers!

Another one done , request by Sharfifi. My junior from highschool.

At first he wants me to make this 
Metallica ! Right..
So I tried
Like.. millions of times (actually only 6times, well I like Metaphor) 
In the end I felt like throwing the cap out from the window because I still can't get this picture on the cap.
But still, I managed to do it ... but erm... In my eyes... its UGLY. Seriously..
I can't stand the ugliness . So I don't have the heart to snap the cap's picture and post it here.

I have to delayed this request a few days.. 

Then I need to be honest with that boy... So he said alright, I can do anything as long as it's Metallica.
Well that's a RELIEF.
"Surprise me"

So here's your surprise bro:

I hope he likes it and yes, he did ^__^

My job here is done. 
Gotta move on to the next request

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