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Which order you want to made? Cap painting
Satin shawls
(For cap painting) What kind of design you desire? please describe it with details
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Rules to order

Cap Painting:

When you want to state your design, please provide these information:

(If you like graffiti) Tell me your name.

If you want pictures for my style of design, do tell me your desired theme.

You want something from your brain? :)  Just describe them to me with details, the background for how you wanted it to be. Provide me some pictures to make it easier.

You can ask me to sketch first for your design confirmation before I paint on your cap.

If you want my style of design, I will surprise you as best as I can.

Lastly.. Thousands of apology if my design didn't turn out to be like how you wanted it to be. I can make like how you described, but sometimes it will not turn out exactly 100% the same, when I paint, I will make it as beautiful as possible.

Thank you my lovely customers.