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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

updated - dragon

Salam semua.
Sorry ye . blog ini dah macam tergendala buat sementara waktu. 
tapi sekarang tempahan cuma tinggal satu slot je lagi, sebab stock topi sekarang cuma ada satu. 

Tapi pre-order is available.
so kalau nak tempah siap siap pun boleh, tapi within bulan November baru saya buat delivery.

Terima kasih.


Updated latest design:

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

New design for cap with comic style

This is much simpler design for you.
(personally, I felt relax while making this kind of design :) )
You can order this kind of design with any characters you desire.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

New Satin shawls colours updated

With now, I announce to you that the promotion for the free postage has ended.

selling RM25 (excluding postage)

High quality satin shawl custom made.

Now adding 4 brand new colours! :D
4 new Elegant colours 



a batman

Batman cap 

Latest Note : I'm really sorry, I will not receive any design related to logos or brands. I can only accept pictures or graffiti or something more related to handmade artwork.. my hand is not a machine. If you want logos, that means, you will want your desired design to be exactly the same as the logo..
However, sadly, I haven't succeed in doing so YET..
I apologize.

so I will not accept design like logos for now until further notice. 

Hope you understand. thank you :)

Sunday, 10 July 2011

satin shawls RM20 shj dalam minggu ini untuk akhiri promotion

SATIN SHAWLS promotion berubah kepada RM20..


but now .. kita potong buang RM25  kepadaRM20 promotion lagi by the end of this week.

TAK NAK ke? :)

sape cepat dia dapat . harap maklum ^_^

Trigger Thespian Naga's request (from sarawak) The process

Trigger Thespian Naga's request (from sarawak) done.

Trigger Thespian Naga (Sarawak)
Code: request0006
Status: Sending Pos Laju 

metallica- Sharfifi (Sold)

(Matrikulasi Kepala Batas)
Code: request0005
Price: RM35
Status: SOLD

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Request List

Thanks for using Flynn's cap painting service . 
You lovely customers may helped me to improve the quality of my artwork.

I will make your request(s) according to orders

Sharfifi (From Matrikulasi Kepala Batas)

Trigger (From Sarawak)

Nur Amirah Zaini (From Penang)

Syasya Rusdi (From UITM Penang)

Azeem (UNISEL)  

Metallica DONE

Heyyaaww Citizen of bloggers!

Another one done , request by Sharfifi. My junior from highschool.

At first he wants me to make this 
Metallica ! Right..
So I tried
Like.. millions of times (actually only 6times, well I like Metaphor) 
In the end I felt like throwing the cap out from the window because I still can't get this picture on the cap.
But still, I managed to do it ... but erm... In my eyes... its UGLY. Seriously..
I can't stand the ugliness . So I don't have the heart to snap the cap's picture and post it here.

I have to delayed this request a few days.. 

Then I need to be honest with that boy... So he said alright, I can do anything as long as it's Metallica.
Well that's a RELIEF.
"Surprise me"

So here's your surprise bro:

I hope he likes it and yes, he did ^__^

My job here is done. 
Gotta move on to the next request

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Cap painting Updated

Hey dear customers.. 
I've completed the uptown siswa event requests. And here you go :

 YB Afiq, uitm student.
Uptown siswa event

Khai (with pisces horoscope)
Uitm student
Uptown siswa event

Thursday, 30 June 2011

The shop is BORN

Satin shawl are AVAILABLE now

Request can be made and the price would be according to design.